“My passion for Art History and the History of the Decorative Arts has informed my work throughout my career. I seek to create beauty through the reinterpretation of historical inspirations synthesized with my own visual vocabulary and contemporary views. The resulting objects are rooted in the historical continuum.”


Mara Superior is an American visual artist who works in porcelain. A native New Yorker, Superior made good use of her proximity to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, visiting constantly. From an early age, her life has been spent in the pursuit of art, beauty, history, and travel.

Her work demonstrates a thorough grasp of historical precedents with an added twist of her enchanting reinterpretations. She is known for her detailed narrative sculptures and wall reliefs with subject matter ranging from the personal to the political and environmental.

Superior has received a National Endowment for the Visual Arts fellowship and numerous individual artists grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, most recently in 2017. She is included in the Smithsonian Archives of American Art, and her work can be found nationally and internationally in many public and private collections.



Mara Superior (b. 1951, New York, NY) received her BFA in painting from the University of Connecticut and an MAT in ceramics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

She has traveled extensively in the US and Europe on artistic pilgrimages seeking the icons of art history to serves as points of departure for her ceramic practice.

Superior was one of the founding partners of Pinch Pottery/Ferrin Gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts. She lives and works in Western Massachusetts.